Joanna Brown
  Caring for Dying Loved Ones  
A Helpful Guide for Families and Friends  

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Resources by Joanna Lillian Brown

Joanna was interviewed by Joe Donahue on the Round Table on NPR affiliate station WAMC in Albany, New York, on August 16, 2010

Listen to Joanna Lillian Brown speak at Food for Thought Books, including a question and answer session and an introduction from radio host Carlos McBride. Recorded by Ed Russell of

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Additional Resources

These resources complement those listed in the back of Caring for Dying Loved Ones or contain updated information for those resources:

The Cancer Connection in Northampton, MA was in the process of moving its location when the book was being published. The Cancer Connection is now located at 41 Locust Street in Northampton, MA, across the street from the Cooley Dickinson Hospital.  This organization offers free services including massage, Reiki, and support groups for cancer patients and their loved ones. Visit their website at or call them at 413-586-1642 to find more about the wonderful work of this organization.